‘Apricot’ Movie Review (PowerTaleTV) 06/12/2015

One of my interviews was featured in “Variety Latino” 05/14/2015

“Hola Mexico Film Festival 2015” (PowerTaleTV) 05/16/2015

“This is Vanity” Movie Review (PowerTaleTV) 04/24/2015

‘Removed’ Movie Review (PowerTaleTV) 04/06/2015

Lo Más Comentado (Social Media Segment) 03/13/2015

Fresno State Focus 11/06/2013 [Co-Anchor]

The 2013 Top Dog Gala Awards [First Package] (Reporter: Leonel Barajas)

Our Town 2013 [Second Package] (Reporter: Leonel Barajas)

Fresno State Hump Days 2013 [Third Package] (Reporter : Leonel Barajas)

Silent Movies at The Warnor’s Theatre  [Fourth Package] (Reporter: Leonel Barajas)

Reporting Resume Reel (Fresno State Focus) Fall 2013


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